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The computer has become an inseparable part of everyone's life these days, present in almost every household. As the number of computer users is increasing, the demand for computer desks is also increasing tremendously – you too will need a computer desk to place your computer safely. However, the shape and size of the desk can vary depending on the requirements, which include weight of your equipment and if there is enough airflow to the back of the computer. One has to keep in mind various things while looking for a computer desk, such as the size of the desk with respect to the size of your computer. You do not need to have a big desk, for instance, if you are planning to buy a small computer.

Selecting a Computer Desk:

The first thing that you will have to keep in mind while selecting a computer desk is the budget, and what desks fit within your budget. The style and design of your desk vary with price, as well as the type of material you want. There are desks made of metal and wood and you can even find desks made from a combination of both these materials. Finally, you will have to decide the spot in your room where you wish to place the desk. With these considerations in mind, you can select a computer desk of suitable size, shape, and type.

Custom-made desks:

Many people in Australia prefer to design furniture pieces that reflect their own style. These customers may consider having custom-made desks according to their design and taste; while this option is costlier than other ordinary desks, the end result is a piece of furniture that matches well with the existing decor.

Major Types of Computer Desks:

  • Glass Computer Desks: These are the most sought after desks. Furniture manufacturers in Australia make use of different types of glass for making these desks, crafting unique and elegant designs.
  • Wooden Computer Desks: These are most commonly used desks and are very strong. You can design a unique wooden desk very easily, as these models make almost any shape look great. Any damages incurred over time, such as gouges or scratches, can be remedied with sanding and refinishing.
  • Corner Computer Desks: People who have space problems in their homes prefer these desks, as they can easily fit in any corner of a room without taking up too much space. These desks are the best for people who live in small homes or apartments.
  • Computer Desk with Hutch: These types of desks have extra storage options like shelves and drawers. You can use them to store books, important papers or accessories related to the computer.


The prices of computer desks vary in Australia depending on the size and the material used. For the budget-conscious, there are small computer desks available for around $20 AUD. In addition, there are deluxe executive computer desks that may cost you thousands of dollars. With so many choices, it is better to decide the type and budget of your desired computer desk before buying one.

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